Call of Duty Engineer Infinity Ward is hiring an open world RPG

The latest job listings in Infinity War Poland suggests that the studio works on an open world RPG.

Although Infinity Ward Poland is an auxiliary studio based in LA, with a strong focus on research and development, it seems that the studio has major plans. The list of activities that discusses the unannounced RPG, AAA, is open to the world. Downloaded now, but Twitter user Faizan Shaikh managed to capture screenshots before it happened.

“Activision Publishing requires a talented and passionate Accounting Director to think, create and direct the story launches, interviews, and scenes of the unannounced AAA project,” reads the job description. The role will also make the employee responsible for creating a “consistent view of the narrative presentation, its interaction with the play experience,” and having a responsibility to direct many cinematic moments.

Most interesting though is what is said in the list of commitments: “Your role is to provide the best cinematic information narrated in the open world of RPG.” That could be a new version of the Call of Duty engineer, a series that often focuses on first-person shooting.

Of course, no details about this open-ended RPG are listed in the list of tasks, so who knows what it will be like. Interestingly, the role is directly related to Infinity Ward Poland as opposed to the main studio. It is therefore unclear whether the research and development studio will be making its own play, or performing at both.

Either way, we know that Infinity Ward’s next major project is the 2022 release Modern War 2. Another new game was recently unveiled at the Summer Games Fest, which gives us a look at the Black Water level.

Modern Warfare 2 is currently set to launch on October 28 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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