Leah Remini Warns Against Science, Tom Cruise’s ‘Charm’ Between ‘Success’ ‘Top Guns’

Actress Leah Remini wants to remind you of that change shirtless volleyball and shirtless football shirt is not the only reason you have to be careful of “The Top Gun: Maverick. ”

Remini, who was in the campaign against Scientology Since leaving the church in 2013, he has warned audiences about being heavily influenced by the box office hit and its beloved star, Tom Cruise, on Twitter on Saturday.

Cruise may be a member of a well-known organization, and Remini, who was raised by Scientologist, it is known for he was one of the greatest critics of the book and docuseries on the topic.

“Don’t let the movie star fool you,” Remini wrote over the weekend.

The “King of Queens” star also praised his friend Claire Headley for accusing Cruise of “crimes against humanity.”

Headley and her husband, Marc Headley, are also former Scientologists. The Headley family he filed a lawsuit the church in 2012 claimed to have violated human trafficking laws and human rights. Marc Headley, who worked near Cruise in the organization, he wrote his own disclosure in Scientology, “Blown for Good.”

“I’m glad all you Top Gun fans are enjoying the new film,” Claire Headley wrote in the book Facebook Remini’s post shared a screenshot. “Personally, the latest post about this film only serves to remind me of Tom Cruise and his crimes against humanity.”

He continued: “Extremely, do you think? Destroying families is a crime against humanity. My opinion. Ask yourself: ‘When was the last time Tom talked to his only daughter, Suri?’

Headley also accused Cruise of promoting a “dangerous cult that destroyed my family” in his place.

“Therefore, I will not watch a movie, and I will not support or condone this man-made scam,” he wrote, adding: “Hopefully, Tom Cruise knows exactly who he is supporting and the rampant harassment of the organization.”

Leah Remini Warns Against Science, Tom Cruise’s ‘Charm’ Between ‘Success’ ‘Top Guns’

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