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The new Star Vijay fairy tale Bharathidasan Colony will be unveiled tomorrow. The story of the Bharathidasan Colony revolves around different families living in a community without gates. Families and individuals who are different in their way of life and culture live in the colony.

The story also shows how their existing differences affect and motivate each other as a family and as individuals. However, their contradictions and differences of opinion make a huge impact on their lives that are already critical and very interesting at the right time.

There are many families in the colony that reflect our community and the people we meet in our daily lives.

A working couple with two young children, a retired husband and wife living with their daughter, a ‘single mother’ who is raising her daughter with great courage, a young man who lives in the village with his wife and two children and works there. as a ‘safety’ colony it brings a great deal of influence to the story.

Also, there is a bachelor living there and helping everyone in need, a media report said here.

The Barathidasan Colony story will be on air between Monday and Friday at 6.30pm.

New mega-serial on Vijay TV – News Today | First with the news

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