Ohio Bill calls for Canada to be included in the list of views on religious freedom over COVID restrictions

Canada’s actions ‘are very similar to what we see in Communist China,’ said a Republican spokesman in support of the recently passed bill.

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State attorneys in Ohio have been able to pull Canada out of the hot American civil war, urging the US government to place the country on religious freedom. watchlist – mainly due to epidemic-related restrictions.

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If the federal agency overseeing the list follows the advice to decision Approved by the Ohio House of Representatives, Canada will join a group of 12 countries from Azerbaijan to Cuba that are guilty of “serious” violations of religious freedom.

The proposal cites cases in which church leaders such as James Coates of Alberta were charged and / or temporarily detained for violating repeated public health regulations affecting resources during the epidemic.

Those measures, coupled with restrictions on other, non-religious areas, make Canada one of the most oppressive countries in the world when it comes to religion, a Republican spokesman has backed the proposal.

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“Although Ohio has fought for religious freedom and defended the right to freedom of religion, it is clear that Canada has not done the same,” says Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus, according to the report Statehouse News Bureau.

Canada’s actions are “very similar to what we see in Communist China,” he said.

The sponsor or even the bill, Republican Tim Ginter, could not be reached for comment.

But a democratic member of the House of Representatives who voted against the decision called for a “little” against his long-time counterpart – and it is part of a growing right-of-way agenda that makes Ohio “Mississippi in the Midwest.”

On the same day that the proposal was passed about a week ago, the house approved a bill that allows school boards to equip teachers. Ohio legislatures have also recently lifted the requirement for training people who carry concealed guns and ban transgender girls from high school sports.

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“These cultural wars are beginning to take over,” he said. Daniel Troy in an interview. “A lot of this is for people to play with their base. They threw away the red meat … I thought, ‘My God, this is a terrible message to send to a very good, respectable neighbor.’ ”

At home, he jokingly warned that the measure – past the party lines in the Republic-controlled room – jeopardized the reign of the 1812 War.

Meanwhile, Canadian courts have ruled that these restrictions, which also apply for public health reasons in restaurants, bars, movie theaters and other public places, have not violated the Charter of Rights.

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The decision suggested that Canada did not follow the “civilized” practice of protecting places of worship from any form of government interference.

It cited the arrest of Coates, who was detained for 35 days after repeatedly disobeying orders from public health facilities to follow closure rules that required church members of GraceLife and others to wear masks and set limits on attending.

It also mentioned Artur and David Pawlowski and Tobias Tissen, three other clergymen who had been arrested for similar offenses.

Although churches and other places of worship in Ohio sometimes voluntarily set boundaries to help fight COVID-19, the government has never enforced these measures.

A woman who sang as a crowd of 400 gathered outside GraceLife Church on the first Sunday after the closure of the Edmonton city limits, April 11, 2021.
A woman who sang as a crowd of 400 gathered outside GraceLife Church on the first Sunday after the closure of the Edmonton city limits, April 11, 2021. Photo by Ed Kaiser / Postmedia

The epidemic also took its toll on Ohio. Three times the death toll from 100,000 deaths from the virus – 331 compared to 111 in Canada.

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While most of the text discusses the limitations of the epidemic, it also cites new coalition governmentaw to prevent treatment modification of homosexuals or transgender people. He argued that the ordinance included “a maximum of five years’ imprisonment for expressing the Bible’s view of marriage.”

The law prohibits any “practice, treatment or service” designed to alter a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, but does not refer to marriage or the Bible or to opinions on the subject.

The decision was directed to the US International Religious Freedom Commission. It cites troubled countries, with the worst cases – those where there is a “worst” violation – listed under the heading “some concern.”

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I watch list it is just an additional group of “strong” abusers. They often include nations whose governments have directly or indirectly defeated minority religious groups.

Algeria, one of the 12 on the list, has stepped up its pressure on its Protestant community with church closures and raids, a 2022 commission report said. Cuban authorities use “constant harassment and intimidation” against Catholic priests and other religious leaders.

A spokesman for the commission could not be reached for comment.

Some Canadian churches have challenged public health measures, such as violating the Charter’s guarantee of “freedom of conscience and religion,” with at least two decisions pending before the constitution.

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But at least one case has been settled, Manitoba Judge Glenn Joyal states that religious freedom restrictions are “reasonable, reasonable and secure in cases of undeniable public health problem” and as such were sanctioned under paragraph 1 of the Charter. The head of the nonprofit group supporting the challenges earlier admitted that he had an independent investigator following Royal.

Judge Coates case ruled last year that a pastor’s ticket for repeated violations of public health laws did not violate part of the Charter on religious freedom, which states, “Human rights and freedoms are incomplete.”



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Ohio Bill calls for Canada to be included in the list of views on religious freedom over COVID restrictions

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