Rex Murphy: Leave it to Trudeau to find a way to make flying worse than it used to be

Highlighting the passengers as the only people still working on these cursed messengers adds to the misery of something as far away as happiness as the mind allows.

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Taking a flight to Canada can be confusing these days, not to mention the most frustrating. Yes, I mean, like those who have flown, or tried to fly, have recently become very familiar with, in-store masks and vaccination instructions at Canadian airports.

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These guidelines prohibit all those who, for any reason, or set of reasons, are not vaccinated, the right and the power to fly within their own country. I see various estimates of how many, but the value is in the millions. That is a fact that is not true.

So what does it look like to go to any airport to fly inside Canada? Obviously, you have to hold your “papers”. You will also receive an email from any airline that tells you how to “prepare” to go to the airport.

Generally, this process is not so complicated that most people are able to find it for themselves. But in the case of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s airport – because it is his government that has strictly enforced these declining rules – airlines feel compelled to provide an information manual. It is very annoying and is twice officious.

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When you are at the airport, you leave the life you had before you boarded. For example, in Toronto, you could now take to the streets, shop, and participate in large gatherings – a baseball game, a Pierre Poilievre meeting – without wearing a mask. You can live with hundreds and even thousands without the stigmata of a shabby plague, breathe the same air with them and give your own breath to the crowd around you.

However, at the airport, put on that ugly mask or suddenly the various marplots will sadly remind you that you have to put on your mask or face some serious punishment: Deportation, flight ban – expulsion from Tim Hortons . hail of old donuts.

So even though you have been running your business for weeks and weeks in Toronto without a mask, once you get into Pearson International Airport, you are back in the middle of the epidemic.

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However, Pearson is not the only airport in Canada, which proves the existence of a divine Providence. At Regina you can wander around the airport without a security check and inside a security check without a mask. You breathe with everyone around you in both spaces. To pass the security you must enter a mask. Can security guards in Saskatchewan, beautiful and hospitable, be easily infected? And if so, how are they protected from the various air flows from every airport where no masks are worn, and what protection, indeed, do they get in the minutes of tokens passing through their area with a mouth shield?

I wonder, what is the science behind this? What do immune experts say about this strange practice?

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Now, you have passed the guarded people, you are going to the gate. Then, if your flight is delayed – something rare for Canadian travelers to experience at any airport – you stay with 150 or 200 people you will be traveling with – you are open, maybe hours.

I’m talking about some experience in this. Once again, you share closely with the victim, exposing yourself, inhaling, and releasing carbon dioxide, as it does around you.

Finally, the phone rings, and it’s time to hide your face again. You and your breathing partner put on bad air filters and boarded a plane very different from a group of amateur bank robbers who could not buy a balaclavas or a beautiful handkerchief before it caught up.

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Do you get the point? The point is that this extended mandate of Trudeau airport is absurd. It is small and bad and useless and irritating and a crime against the dignity of those who tolerate it.

Why is the government still holding on to these laws? Why are uncircumcised people still banned from flying to their home country? Why don’t the aviation authorities themselves criticize their one obligation to enforce these frivolous and contradictory laws? How much damage do they do to business and tourism?

For those who do, even before the epidemic, going to airports and flying in and out of Canada was one of the saddest of modern times – a summary of a motto that many passengers are familiar with: “We are not happy. , do not rejoice. ”

Highlighting the passengers as the only people still working these cursed messengers adds to the misery of something far beyond happiness as the mind agrees and a powerless government can provide.

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Rex Murphy: Leave it to Trudeau to find a way to make flying worse than it used to be

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