Rookie Chicks Chris Morel Walks With A Smile To Beat The Brewers

Successful Smiles: Chris Morel’s emoji mojo ‘full’ Chicks it appeared at the beginning NBC Sports Chicago

Of all the film actor’s gloves that end up lying around dugout during the Cubs exercise, only one has an emoji patch of smiling yellow face under it.

“It was my opinion,” said rookie Chris Morel when asked about his glove. “Because every time I try to smile in the field.

“You have to be happy on the field,” he said, “have a good time. So every time I have good or bad days, I see my glove, and I am happy. “

It must be emoji. Or glove.

Whether bat or arm or speed or power or intelligence or awesome power has never been seen here since now – none of us can remember.

In 15 games in the major leagues, Morel has taken Cubs clubhouse, board of directors and fans of Wrigley Field in a whirlwind, culminating – so far – in his first career on Wednesday, when he struck the tenth inning fighter that beat the Brewers 4- 3 and put him in the middle. of the infield celebrations his colleagues hit him on the head and back and sprayed him with water.

Another early career of the versatile midfielder who held first place in the throat and reached the Cubs’ 15th consecutive game record to begin his career.

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“He’s got time coming to us, eh, for a while now,” said manager David Ross, “in many different ways. He’s one of those guys who can’t wait to get back on top, when the top of the list turns. That is the spark. ”

That is the word Ross used three times in the last minute of Wednesday’s commentary on Morel.

The only words my teammates and Ross used when talking about a new boy two weeks ago were powerful and fun.

After another production night that included a first inning and a third robbery that resulted in a throwback and the first two runs of the game, we can add one more: tirelessly.

“I love baseball. I love it, ”she said when asked if she ever felt tired. “God has given me this time, so I need to give it my all, every time I go to the stadium. Inside or outside the stadium, I give my all for my team. ”

“It’s contagious,” said Cubs founder Kyle Hendricks. “When such a boy brings that kind of energy, smiling every day, he goes straight to everyone in the dormitory. Everyone picks up and eats with all their might. “

That’s why Ross said he has no plans to remove him from his role as Cubs defender anytime soon, or remove him from the top spot.

That’s why mentor Wilson Contreras said Morel it deserves to stay in the big stage.

Why he made it so easy to see at least a little bit that the next Cubs team Jed Hoyer talked about might look like – if not where it all came from.

You certainly see a lot of fans – and team members who want to stick with it for the next few years – who want to see you in that next group.

“His spark is high, I don’t know,” said Ross, “it’s contagious.”

Morel called the incident a “wonderful surprise” for me and thanked God, his family, the country and his hometown.

“Such a wonderful time. You can see how happy everyone was with him, ”said Hendricks, who was as impressive as anyone at the clubhouse on Wednesday in the way a 22-year-old 56-year-old bat of the big league came together after falling 0-2 – taking over. the nearest pitch of the ball, then inhale (at the request of Contreras on the deck), and move the fly in the middle.

“Being able to slow down the game that way, quickly that, instantly, shows how the game is coming to him,” Hendricks said. “There are guys who were meant to play baseball.”

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Rookie Chicks Chris Morel Walks With A Smile To Beat The Brewers

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