Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest belly button on the remains of a dinosaur

The ‘best’ preserved fossils that lived 125 million years ago show evidence of stomach buttons at least in some dinosaurs.

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A well-preserved “excellent” dinosaur fossil reveals a soft subbelly of horned dinosaur from China. Specifically, paleontologists using high-tech imaging laser technology found evidence of a dinosaur that lived 125 million years ago and played a belly button.

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“We call this type of scar a stomach, and it is rare in humans. This statue is the first remnant of a pregnant dinosaur, due to its unique preservation status, ”said Michael Pittman, co-author of the study and anthropologist at China University of Hong Kong.

The size, smoothness and location of the umbilical cord release trauma or infection as a cause, the study says. The pattern of the abdominal scale was not disturbed, while the cooled wound would have “a smooth, scaly connective tissue over an open wound,” noted the authors.

Psittacosaurus (a word meaning ‘parrot lizard’) was a two-foot-long[2 m]predator living in the early Cretaceous. The fossils used in this study were made public in 2002 and have led to great discovery due to their unusually preserved shape, filled with scales, horns and “long tail pipes,” the researchers wrote.

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“This Psittacosaurus statue is probably the most important relic we have of studying dinosaur skin. But it continues to bring with it the potential for innovation, such as laser imaging technology, ”says lead author Phil R. Bell of the University of New England at Armidale in Australia.

Paleeontologists compared the length of the specimen femur to another Psittacosaurus to measure its age as sexual maturity, approximately 6 or 7 years old. It is not yet clear whether the navel scar in dinosaurs lasts until adulthood.

A valuable sculpture is on display at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest belly button on the remains of a dinosaur

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