System Shock refurbishment gets shocking new trailer, yet release date

I Systemic Anxiety The remake received a brand new trailer on the PC Gaming Show over the weekend, and it looks great, even if we don’t have a release date yet.

Nightdive showcased another look of System Shock yesterday (June 13), showcasing more space light and first-person shooting. It’s all paired with an unmistakable voice from SHODAN, the infamous AI that moves just a little bit in the real game, and re-creates.

Unfortunately, the trailer was not paired with the release date, as many might have hoped to see it. Although according to business development director Larry Kuperman, its development is “very complete” (thank you, PC Gamer).

“You can play with it from start to finish, all the weapons and enemies are there and working,” Kuperman said. “What remains to be done is the so-called ‘polish.’ Our goal is to get the release version as close as possible. “

The original creator of System Shock Warren Spector also gave his thoughts on the first game and the impact it has. “SHODAN looks very close to me right now,” Spector said.

“I’ve worked on several games now where it has a predictive quality that I never predicted, and System Shock is one of them. SHODAN is just as close, as I can say. Let’s hope he doesn’t.” he will appear as badly as he did in 1994. “

Spector worked as a producer in the first article, developed by Looking Glassalthough he now works as a remodeling consultant at Nightdive.

The System Shock remake may not have a release date yet, but last year it released a game-opening demo, which you can still check now.

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