Jesse Kline: Liberals ignore facts about the validity of travel regulations

Science shows that vaccination rules do not do much to reduce disease. The coalition government fails to adapt to changing circumstances

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As governments around the world, including Canadian provinces, continue to push for more frontiers, the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal is one of the few that adheres to the seemingly absurd path – as a Leafs fan of unreasonable hope every year. eventually the team defeat will end.

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On Monday, the Liberals grabbed their heels and voted against a Conservative proposal calling on the government to remove COVID borders from the border, which is being addressed. noisy airports and major cultural waiting times.

Admittedly, the movement was a dull tool that could have been designed to hold news headlines and downplay the law-abiding people, instead of initiating constructive dialogue with the ruling party over what was no longer needed.

However, Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who presented the proposal, offered sympathetic speech in the House on May 19, in which he called on the government for failing to lay the blame for the current limitations.

“We can understand the government’s plan to think about this, if it can share the advice it has received and when it does, it will be given to experts to give them this advice,” he said. “However, he declined to tell Canadians what metrics are used, what the system is and what the evidence is based on.”

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An important question. Unfortunately, the first response came from Member of Parliament Mark Gerretsen, who completely dismissed the issue and instead questioned the Conservatives’ commitment to “diversity.”

“I hope the opposing member will have a question related to what we are talking about today,” Lantsman replied.

After Conservative Luc Berthold once again called on the government to provide “evidence and documentation” in support of “maintaining more and more unnecessary healthcare here in Canada,” Annie Koutrakis, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Transport, stood up again. criticized the Tories for failing to criticize the Freedom Convoy and the blockade.

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So much for having a debate on the subject.

Liberals should keep in mind that one of the reasons why Canada is more successful in fighting COVID-19 than our southern neighbors – the rate of our death 109 people out of 100,000, compared to 302 in the United States – because the opposition party strongly supported government policies at the start of the epidemic.

While many Republicans underestimated the severity of the disease and the ideologies behind the conspiracy, the Conservatives often realized that further restrictions were needed, especially in those early, uncertain times.

But instead of continuing to make a bipartisan response, the Liberals seem more determined to hold joint political talks. Is it any wonder that many Canadians have lost faith in their institutions?

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To be honest, Koutrakis ended up clarifying the state of affairs. “The lesson that many Canadians learned during the epidemic was the risk of premature resting public health,” he said.

“Policymakers, eager to restore order, are slowing down their efforts to address a new epidemic: a new wave of disease that has begun to invade ICU wards again. It has been frustrating for our health sector and has led to a new, sometimes tighter closure. ”

In other words: the government is acting with caution because, apart from what some people would like to believe, we are in the midst of a global epidemic and the rapid emergence of the virus has made it difficult to predict which course to take. will take the following.

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But government policy does not happen freely. Provinces have discarded most of their public health measures and Omicron’s highly contagious variant is now spreading unchecked nationwide, providing many policies designed to stop COVID from crossing our borders as unethical.

With all the talk of following science, listening to the advice of health professionals and being open and transparent to the people of Canada, the government now seems completely satisfied with not giving sound reasons for its policies. And Dr. Theresa Tam, a former nightly news series, seems very difficult.

Back in mid-March, Tam agreed Omicron’s high variability of the vaccine and its ability to escape the lethal defenses of the vaccine weakened the case in order to continue vaccination instructions.

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“What we do know is that, with the exception of Omicron, it has two doses – protection against infection and further infection is greatly reduced,” he said. “That should be taken into account as the coalition government looks at policies moving forward.”

That was the advice of a national health official. However, the government continues to insist that public servants should be vaccinated, which has reduced the number of staff at airports, and that unprotected Canadians cannot board trains or flights.

There was a time when this policy could not be forgiven at least. In clinical trials, mRNA vaccines have been shown to be more than 95 percent effective in preventing infection; and the real world data from Australia last summer showed that vaccinated people with successful diseases had a 65 percent chance of transmitting it.

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Therefore, authoritative vaccines – especially in intensive tubes with people sitting in close quarters for hours – have provided a real opportunity to reduce disease and create safer areas for those who are physically weak and those who are not eligible for vaccination. Then came Omicron.

Vaccines are still very effective in preventing hospitalization and death. They are not very good at preventing infection and transmission on the face of Omicron and its subtlety, which they are ruling now all around the world.

An April study published in New England Journal of Medicine, for example, found that the Pfizer vaccine was 65.5 percent effective in preventing Omicron infection two to four weeks after the second dose, but dropped to 8.8 percent after 25 weeks. The booster shot increases its efficiency, but also decreases over time, and the coalition government only needs two volumes to board the plane anyway.

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Science, in other words, demonstrates that vaccination rules do little to reduce disease. Provinces have seen this, which is why vaccination passports are no longer required to go to restaurants or theaters. Only a unity government fails to adapt to changing circumstances.

If we have learned anything in the last few years, that an effective epidemic response should be simple and flexible, adapting quickly to changing circumstances. Perhaps we should not have expected that our union government, known for its snail-like function, would have done the job.

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Jesse Kline: Liberals ignore facts about the validity of travel regulations

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