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Cartoon Network’s ‘Redrawing India’ initiative was launched recently. Six kids from across India have been chosen by Cartoon Network because of how they are leading a unique, singular cause and innovation at a time.

From music and the environment to sports and technology, these inspiring young minds are breaking barriers, redefining dreams and being recognized nationally and internationally for their bold and defining actions.

Their unique and equally diverse stories of redrawing India are showcased through a series of videos on Cartoon Network’s social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – that encourage children in India to step forward and redraw their world.

The Redrawing India Series continues to reinforce the ethos of the song ‘Redraw Your World’ which was launched earlier in May, celebrating the diversity and diversity of children through music.

Commenting on this campaign, Abhishek Dutta, Head of South Asia Network, Cartoon Network and POGO, said, ‘Redrawing India’ is an inspiration that will show all children that they also have the power to redraw their world.

India is full of talent, and children are its future. We hope that this video series will spark enthusiasm in the minds of the young people of India to identify and develop their unique talents and dreams.

Small minds, great work – News Today | First the news

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