Trudeau says Queen Elizabeth II served Canada with ‘strength and wisdom’

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mourned the Queen’s passing on Thursday, saying she was a wonderful worker for Canada as the country evolved into its modern form.

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“He has served us all with strength and wisdom for 70 years, as we have grown into the diverse, hopeful, responsible, ambitious and wonderful country we are today.”

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Trudeau, speaking outside the Cabinet House in Vancouver, said he was struggling to believe that his sit-down with Queen Elizabeth would be his last. He called the king “one of his favorite people in the world.”

The Queen’s death was announced at around 1:30 pm Ottawa time. She was Canada’s longest-serving monarch and has been the country’s Queen for almost half of the country’s existence.

Trudeau, his twelfth prime minister, said he enjoyed the talks he had with him. He said he is an important part of the fabric of the country.

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Interim Conservative leader, Candice Bergen issued a statement on the Queen’s passing and noted that she was part of the country’s growth.

“As a proud Commonwealth nation, we are deeply saddened by the loss of our long reigning monarch. Her Majesty’s sense of duty in Canada was deeply felt and reflected in her actions,” the statement said. “As Queen of Canada, she was not just a witness to our evolution as a modern, self-reliant, self-reliant nation – she was an active participant.”

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh offered his condolences to his family.

“Queen Elizabeth II lived a historic life and career. She was a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. My thoughts today are with his family who lost a pillar of strength in their life,” he said on Twitter.

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The former prime minister also quickly expressed his condolences, former prime minister Stephen Harper said he has a long relationship with Canada.

“He loved Canada with all his heart and was truly one of us. Canadians return his feelings with pride and true love.”

There was also bitterness from the leaders of the province. Ontario Premier Doug Ford called the Queen’s reign “taught us the true meaning of selfless service.”

The Ford family also conveyed their condolences to King Charles and congratulations on his accession to the throne. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also expressed gratitude for the Queen’s long service.

“In an ever-changing world, he was our rock of stability and continuity, a constant and dignified presence in our lives,” Kenney said.

In a statement on television on Thursday evening, Gov. Gen. Mary Simon, the representative of the British monarch in Canada, said that the late Queen loved Canada and considered it her “second home.”

“His Majesty cared about the people, about our welfare. This was clear every time we spoke. He cares about Canada, and all the unique stories that make up our beautiful country,” Simon said at Rideau Hall, his official residence in Ottawa.

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Trudeau says Queen Elizabeth II served Canada with ‘strength and wisdom’

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